GREEN CHOICE™ Program is Also Good for the Environment

Lamp & Ballast Recycling


Compliance is non-negotiable

Today's lighting systems are more energy efficient and environmental friendly than ever before. Nevertheless, there are still some hazardous materials in much of the lighting waste and there is still a large base of older technology that will have to be properly disposed of when replaced.

There are major federal and state rules and regulations governing the disposal and handing of toxic and hazardous materials found in today's lighting waste. In 1999, the US Environmental Protection Agency declared fluorescent lamps ?universal waste,? easing the regulatory burdens of storage, administration, and transportation. However, many states and local municipalities have adopted more stringent guidelines.

Being non-compliant with your waste management can negatively affect you financially, as well as tarnish your professional reputation.

Frost can tailor a recycling program to fit your needs. Whether you have a small volumes resulting in spot maintenance or larger volumes as a result of re-lamp or retrofit projects, we have a solution for you.

Recycling is more important than ever

Why? Because recycling conserves our natural resources and turns potential waste into valuable resources. The world is facing both continuous growth in the quantity of waste generated by human activities and the increasing scarcity of natural resources.

In addition to decreasing waste, recycling also saves money, creates jobs, reduces harm to the environment, protects human health and saves energy.

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