Alternative Energy

Augmenting your facilities power sources with alternative options provide additional energy saving opportunities.  Frost has developed strategic alliances with alternative energy manufacturers and installers to insure all recommendations are tailored to your specific requirements.

Why solar?

  • Clean electric generation
  • Stable electric cost
  • Turn you meter backwards- sell electricity
  • Backup power for utility outage
  • Fight climate change
  • Create secure electricity supply
  • Higher resale value for your property
  • Remote site with no electric service  

Frost partnered with Microgrid Solar to install two solar arrays on Frost rooftops in 2014.  The locations included headquarters in Maryland Heights and the Saint Louis Downtown location.  

We are proud to offer tracking of our energy savings at each location.  

To view our progress, please click the links to the location below:  

Maryland Heights Headquarters- Solar Panel Energy Savings

St Louis Downtown Branch(Walnut)- Solar Panel Energy Savings  

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